7 Steps to Creating Record Smashing Direct Mail

Want to learn the exact steps to creating record-breaking direct mail packs that will take your fundraising to a new level?

Then join fundraising guru Jeff Brooks on his new 7 Steps to Creating Record-Smashing Direct Mail online course, where he is going to reveal to you ALL the insights, hints and tactics that he has learned in his 30-year career. You will learn how to create direct mail that will have your donors giving … giving joyfully … and giving again — like never before. Jeff is going to jam everything he has learned in 30 years into a four-part power-packed direct mail course that will enable you to smash income records for your nonprofit…

  • If you are a beginner… you will learn all the essentials you need to get started and be successful right away.

  • If you are an experienced fundraiser… you will gain insights that will take your direct mail fundraising to a new level.

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Jeff Brooks Jeff Brooks Author

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Module 1 – The Foundation of Success: Before You Start

Module 2 – The Heart of Direct Mail: The Letter and Reply Coupon

Module 3 – Everything Else That Makes Your Mail Sing: The Outer Envelope (and more)

Module 4 – After You Mail: What You Need to Know About Thanking Donors and Other Next Steps 

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