How to Raise Millions and Change the World

Want to learn from a David versus Goliath campaigning fundraiser, who has raised hundreds of millions? 

Then join legendary fundraising activist Harvey McKinnon for this online Masterclass – How to Raise Millions AND Change the World. Harvey is going to reveal the top secrets he has learnt in his 40-year activist fundraising career giving you access to his full toolkit of strategies and techniques that he’s used to transform the most difficult to fundraise for causes on the planet! This course will teach you:

  • How to spot opportunities – like the one Harvey did in a David versus Goliath moment that helped change history (I will get to that below) – and develop strategies to outflank your opponents.
  • How to write copy that compels people to take political action, and to also make gifts to your cause. [THIS IS SO KEY.]
  • How to analyse what the best fundraising channels for your organisation are.
  • How to simplify design in both print and digital, so you maximise influence and impact.
  • And you’ll have checklists that you can use internally to help you raise more money, analyse your copy etc.
  • The seven things you need to do with videos, and much, much more.


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Harvey McKinnon Harvey McKinnon Author

Harvey McKinnon has been a fundraiser for 40 years. His consultancy has raised money for dozens of non-profits in Canada and the USA. He is a seasoned trainer who has delivered fundraising keynotes at conferences around the world. A frequent master-class trainer, he has authored four books – including two on monthly giving: Hidden Gold, and Tiny Essentials to Monthly Giving. His best-selling book, The 11 Questions Every Donor Asks is used as a major gift training manual for fundraising departments throughout the US and Canada. He also co-authored the #1 bestseller The Power of Giving, which has been translated into seven languages. Harvey sits on a number of boards. His company Harvey McKinnon Associates has offices in Toronto and Vancouver and works with dozens of non-profits in Canada and the USA.

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