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How to Raise Millions and Change the World

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Moceanic Office Hours

Join special guest Jeff Brooks and Sean Triner at Moceanic Office Hours and ask him your fundraising questions. 

Please post your questions for Jeff and Sean in advance here.  

Please click here to join the call at the following times:  

  • New York: 4:00pm, Wednesday, March 27 
  • Los Angeles: 1:00pm, Wednesday, March 27 
  • London: 8:00pm, Wednesday, March 27 
  • Sydney: 7:00am, Thursday, March 28 
  • Auckland: 9:00am, Thursday, March 28 

This is a Zoom meeting and you’re welcome to use your video and microphone during this call 🙂 

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Can’t make the call live? You’ll be able to access the replay here

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