You’ve heard about the power of donor newsletters: Organisation after organisation is using their newsletter to raise a lot of money … but more important, to cement their relationships with donors who will stick with you for the long term. Tom Ahern will show you the secrets that will transform not just your newsletter, but your whole fundraising program.  Yes — that’s what a truly donor-focused newsletter can do for you! Whether you’re new to fundraising or a long-time pro … whether you want to start up a donor newsletter or make yours work a lot better, this course is for you! Making Money With  Your Donor Newsletter  is made up of four 60-minute modules that you can take on your own schedule and at your own pace:

  1. Building Successful Newsletters
  2. Are You Telling All Your Stories?
  3. Donor-Centricity: The Secret Sauce
  4. Making Your Next Issue Great

Plus bonuses and extras that will help you put your knowledge to work right away. You’ll be fully equipped to write, design, and produce a newsletter that does the job! If your improved newsletter produces twice, three times, even TEN times the revenue it did in the past, you won’t be the first. Smart fundraisers are putting Tom’s proven formula to work every day, all over the world — and reaping the benefits. Here’s what others are saying about Tom’s approach to donor newsletters: “Our donor newsletter went from making zero to becoming a license to print money. It now outperforms our appeals.” -Executive Director of a $60 million refugee aid charity “I want you to know your advice has helped us raise more than $9,000,000 since I started following you!” Pat Bradley, co-founder, Crisis Aid International Now the formula will come straight to your desk and into your newsletter! Eligible for 10 CFRE Continuing Education Points.

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