Mid-Value Donor Super Course

A Unique Approach to Mid (and Major) Donors From a Proven Fundraiser With a Knack For Sharing and Teaching With Renowned Humour and Irreverence.

Featuring Sean Triner, and special guests. Your guide to the…

Quickest, cheapest and easiest way to boost your charity revenue!

If your cause benefits from lots of wonderful individuals donating to you, then you have ‘mid-value’ donors hiding amongst them that would love to give you more.

  • Tough targets for next quarter or six months?
  • Are you down on income this year?
  • Do you have more demand for services than income to pay for them?
  • Had a great year for fundraising? (Now’s the time to make hay while the sun shines!)

As long as you have some individual donors who’ve supported you, you can raise more revenue – fast. And don’t worry. It is not just a quick buck. This works for the long-term too, improving donor retention, average donation and donor commitment.

CFRE? You’ll get 16.5 CFRE Continuing Education Credits when you complete the full course.

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Mid-Value Donor Super Course Introduction

Mid-Value Donor Super Course

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