You can put together a solid, successful bequest fundraising program on your own, starting NOW! It won’t eat up all your time. And you can have it up and running like a machine in less than 60 days. And that means those bequest gifts will be coming in for years and years into the future.

Hard to believe?  Believe it! You can do this even if your organization is tiny. Even if your budget is maxed out. Even if you are a committed introvert. Even if everyone tells you it can’t be done! You can create a pipeline of donor bequests that will keep a steady stream of US$35,000 (on average) donations coming for years.

Overcome that sense of overwhelm that stops so many fundraisers from starting. When you take this course, you’ll be confidently building your own bequest program immediately!

Understand what’s really going on when you talk to donors about bequests. You can master it quickly and be sipping coffee with a potential donor a week or two from now. Because you’ll know the delightful truth that it’s not about death … it’s about life. And donors love you for giving them the opportunity!

Watch as the bequests start to roll in. It starts slowly at first — after all, you hope your lovely donors have long and happy lives yet to live. But the bequest notifications start coming in. Just one at a time. Not so many at first, but it accelerates over time. For years … and lasts for decades.

Christiana Stergiou started bequest fundraising as a 30-year-old with zero bequest experience, and little experience in any type of fundraising. From that early start, she created a methodical approach to bequest fundraising and has gone on to train thousands of nonprofit staff in effective bequest fundraising. She feels the love when the people she trains receive the same ‘aha’ moment in a tiny fraction of the time it took her to learn the ropes!

Your Complete Roadmap to Raising Money with Bequests consists of five modules:

  1. Module 1 – EXCITE: Getting started: The key things you need to know about bequests and donors

  2. Module 2 – ACTIVATE: 4 cornerstone tools to get your organization ready for bequest fundraising

  3. Module 3 – ATTRACT: Hands up, please! How to find your lovely bequest donors

  4. Module 4 – NURTURE: Your 3-step mini-plan to turn hand-raisers into signers

  5. Module 5 – DELIGHT: Life-long love for your most important supporters

Plus bonuses and extras designed to help you put your knowledge to work right away, including video interviews with bequest experts Professor Adrian Sargeant, Dr Claire Routley, Fiona McPhee, Kate Hoelter, Leah Eustace, Professor Russell James, Sean Triner, Simone Joyaux and many others.

“We don’t have a bequest program yet, only a basic brochure. The knowledge Christiana has given me today will mean these leads are not wasted. It means we’ll know who they are and what their connection with us is. And, I know what steps to take to continue building a great bequest program.”

          Rebekah King, Fundraising Manager, Australia

Eligible for 17 CFRE Continuing Education Points.

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Christiana Stergiou Christiana Stergiou Author

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Module 1 – EXCITE 

Module 2 – ACTIVATE

Module 3 – ATTRACT

Module 4 – NURTURE

Module 5 – DELIGHT


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