Frequently Asked Questions

We love questions. And here are a few that we hope will answer your questions. Can’t find the answer? Please contact us.

Online Course Questions

Do I have to complete my online course within a certain timeframe?

Yes, or you get detention.
Just kidding. Not really, but you should try and complete it within a few weeks to get the best benefit. Most are based around step-by-step progress, and some end up with a finished project. Unfinished or nearly finished projects are a curse on the ability to do good.

How long do I have access to the course?

Your course will be available to you for a full 12 months from your date of purchase. But please don’t wait that long. Get on with it as soon as you can.

I have enrolled but have heard nothing from you!

Contact us immediately. Email [email protected]. It could be because of a firewall, spam security, you had unsubscribed from our updates, or (most frequent!) the email address wasn’t ‘qiute typed inn rihgt’. It is amazing how many times we mis-key our own names and emails! Easiest solution is email us.

Can more than one person access the online course?

The course is designed for one student. Each purchase is for one person to enroll in the course. Your email address will be your log in and you will be sent a password to access your individual student area.

If live webinars feature as part of your course access, only the enrolled student will be able to join the webinar.

You will be able to track your progress through a course, take quizzes as you progress and mark each module as complete.

You’ll get a certificate of completion at the end too!

If you’d like more than one person to access the course, we recommend you buy more than one seat to the course.

I want to enroll more than one student. How do I do that?

Our check out pages allow you to enroll as many students as you like. Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email from us with special registration numbers for each of your students to access the courses.

It’s a great way to enroll multiple students from your organisation and we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

If you want enroll five or more students, please contact us as special discounts may apply. (Multi-enrollment discounts are not available in the initial early-bird or launch period because the course is already heavily discounted at that time!)

What if I can’t attend the live webinars or Q&A sessions?

Don’t worry, many of our webinars recorded and will be available in your personal student area at You’ll get notified by email as soon as the recordings are available. However, we do not record our live Office Hours Q&A. They are regular events, so if you can’t make it, there will be other opportunities to join next time!

What is the difference between your online courses and Coaching+?

Put simply: both are online courses with almost identical content. The big difference is simple: with Coaching+ you get one to one coaching with direct feedback on YOUR charity, YOUR cause, YOUR database.

Think of like this: Anyone can choose to do more exercise, but people who choose to sacrifice other things to be able to afford paying for a personal trainer are much, much more likely to succeed in getting fitter.

You haven’t got a course about a topic I need help in – will you be developing it?

Probably. If there is enough demand. But if you know exactly what you need, let us know and we could prioritise it if you would like it as Coaching+.

What courses do you have coming up?

We are always developing new training. Check out all our current courses here.

Coaching+ on many aspects of fundraising is available now or within about six weeks of you letting us know you want one. So please contact us.

Can I earn CFRE points?

Yes, and lots – you get 1.5 CFRE continuing education points when you attend one of our 90-minute webinars.

Our online courses are approved for CFRE points, and vary depending on the number of modules you complete. For example, full participation in the Moceanic Supporter Connection Survey Online Course is applicable for 13.5 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Coaching+ Questions

Can you help me with general consulting?

Not directly. We train and coach, we don’t do traditional consulting. However, do contact us because often there is an underlying training need, but if not we are really well connected with some awesome consultants.

What countries are Coaching+ services available in?

All of them. As long as you have internet, and – if time zones aren’t friendly – happy to work outside normal working hours, we can help you.

Want a 25 Minute Call?

If you’re interested in our Coaching+ training, please book a 25-minute call here. In that call, a Moceanic Coach will give you great free advice, and help you identify what Coaching+ training might be right for you.

Coaching+ calls are limited to one call per fundraiser, so please don’t book a second call with the same (or another) coach.

If you need to reschedule, please give us as much notice as possible. We can’t guarantee that your preferred time will be available.

Can I choose who my coach is and/or who runs my Coaching+ course?

For quality control, we go through a pretty rigorous coach endorsement and quality control system.

This means that only coaches who have been endorsed on a particular Coaching+ course can be your coach on that course. If more than one coach is endorsed on your Coaching+ you can choose which one, dependent on time zone and availability.

Can I be a coach for Moceanic?

We will be recruiting coaches in the future, but not for a while. We will have an application and audition process eventually.

Do you have any jobs?

When you read this – maybe. We will publish our job ads, or requests for service on Facebook and LinkedIn. So, make sure you keep an eye out for notifications! Please don’t send us your CV or resume without seeing a specific job offered.

Payment / administrative questions

What’s your refund policy for Moceanic online courses?

We have a weird 30-day “some questions asked” guarantee…

If, within 30 days, you decide that this course isn’t for you, we give you your money back. “No questions asked!” as marketers always promise.

Well, actually … we will have a few questions. Not about what you did wrong … but rather, about what we did wrong.

Moceanic is still learning to be the best of the best in online training for fundraisers. We know there will be subtleties and unexpected complications. Your feedback helps make Moceanic better. Please contact us if you want a refund.

What’s your refund policy for Coaching+?

Coaching+ is a tailored online training program. We usually discuss in advance with you and agree to your Coaching+ program.

If in the first session we identify that the coaching session is not right for you, we will almost certainly find another Coaching+ program that is better for your needs. However, if that doesn’t work we’ll just give you your money back, no hard feelings. Please discuss this with your coach.

Can I pay by invoice/bank transfer?

We can invoice your company or organisation if you purchase five or more seats in an online course. Invoicing may incur an additional administration charge.

Please email us if you’d like to arrange this. Otherwise, please purchase our courses online with a credit card. Please contact us if you have any problems with purchasing online.

Why are your prices in US$?

Simply because most of our costs are US$. This allows us to just run the business and not worry about currency speculation.

Why are you based in Hong Kong?

We are an international company, providing services from people around the world, to people around the world. It made a lot of sense to base ourselves somewhere with an excellent reputation for doing business, and where we love to visit and is easy to run a business from.

Is GST, VAT or Sales Tax included in the price?

This is pretty complicated. Bottom line: We do not charge GST, VAT or sales taxes to companies or organisations who provide the relevant details, such as VAT or ABN numbers. It is better for you, and for us, if you buy through an organisation or company.

If you are an individual consumer, the price of a Moceanic online course may include sales, GST or VAT taxes depending on where you live (this is because Moceanic Online Courses are considered digital downloads in some countries and a tax is applied to such products).

The prices you see on our website are inclusive of such taxes for now, but we will review. We may have to add taxes on top of the price for individuals in the future.

Please, it really helps us – and you in the long run – if you can purchase our courses in your businesses/non-profit name and provide the correct a VAT or ABN number at check out.

Any questions about this – please contact us.

Can anyone buy Moceanic Online Courses or Coaching+?

Not anyone. Moceanic is a values based company.

We work only with individuals and organizations who share our values. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse access to our free and paid services to anyone.

And if we don’t meet your values, you probably don’t want to work with us anyway!

Basically, we are bunch of progressives and want to help neutral or progressive organisations from cancer research, animal rescue and overseas development to gay support groups, pro-choice organisations, refugee welcoming and support organisations and progressive environmental groups.


Our values can be found here.


We also have three legal policies you need to agree to:

If you use our website or subscribe to our email list, you’ll need to agree to our Privacy Policy and website Terms of Use. Customers also need to agree to our terms and conditions, which you will see when you check out.

If you have any questions about our values or our privacy, terms of use or customer terms and conditions, please contact us.

Working with Suppliers, Vendors and Agencies

Can you recommend an agency or designer and copywriter to me?

Depending on where you live, we may be able to give you leads of people who can help. Just ask.

I am from an agency / I am a freelancer. Can I come to your courses?

We are happy to work with agencies and suppliers working in the charity sector – we actually have slightly different versions of Coaching+ for suppliers to cover things like pricing for value for charities, pulling together proposals and more. Your agency also needs to be happy for you to attend and also aligned with our values.

Our values can be found here.

Another advantage of going through training with us is the possibility that we could be steering some local charities in your direction.