COACHING+ Innovairre Italy – Coaching Sessions

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Here you will find your session recordings and any materials shared during the video meeting.

Session 1: Overview and What Clients (April, 2019) 

Session presentation: C+ Innovairre Italy mid value session 1

Issue with session recording so video is unavailable, our apologies. 

Session 2: Clients & Data (May, 2019)

Session presentation: C+ Innovairre clients and data

Session 3: LFO Legal Mid Value Plan (June, 2019)

Session presentation: C+ S3 Innovairre Italy LFO Lega Mid Value Plan LR

Mid value plan: C+ S3 Innovairre Italy LFO Lega Mid Value Plan

Session 4: Matched Giving Q&A (June, 2019)

Session presentation: C+ S4 Innovairre Match giving

 Session 5: Building Growth Giver Proposal (July, 2019)

Session presentation: C+ S5 Innovairre Selling the whole thing from scratch

Session 6: Training for Mid Value Calls (with Laura) (July 2019)

Session presentation: C+ Growth Giver Selling Match on the Phone and in Person

Session 7: Mid Value Q&A (Sept, 2019)

Session 8: Growth Giver Proposal Review (Oct, 2019)

Session 9: Mid Value Stewardship (Nov, 2019)

Session 10: Survey 1 (Nov, 2019)

Session 11: Survey Review ADV (Dec, 2019)

Session 12: Q&A on Growth Giver (Dec, 2019)