We love questions. And here are a few that we hope will answer your questions. Can’t find the answer? Please contact us.

The Fundraisingology Lab Membership Questions

I have joined but have heard nothing from you!

Please contact us immediately. Email [email protected]. It could be because of a firewall, spam security, you had unsubscribed from our updates, or (most frequent!) the email address wasn’t ‘qiute typed inn rihgt’. It is amazing how many times we mis-key our own names and emails! Easiest solution is email us.

Can more than one person access the membership?

The membership is designed for an individual. Your email address will be your login and you will be sent a password to access your individual membership area.

You will be able to track your progress through your courses, take quizzes as you progress and mark each module as complete.

You’ll get a certificate of completion at the end of your courses too!

If you’d like more than one person to access your membership area, we recommend that your colleagues join as individuals too.

What if I can’t attend the live webinars or Q&A sessions?

Don’t worry, we record everything for our members and this will be available in your membership area. You’ll find Office Hours recordings in the ‘my memberships’ section of your site. These recordings are available for members of The Fundraisingology Lab only.

What is the difference between your online courses and Coaching+?

Put simply: both are online courses with similar content. The big difference is simple: with Coaching+ you get one to one coaching with direct feedback on YOUR charity, YOUR cause, YOUR database.

Our coaching helps you get even better results, even faster. Please contact us if you’d like to find out more.

Want a 25 Minute Call?

If you’re interested in our Coaching+ training, please book a 25-minute call here. In that call, a Moceanic Coach will give you great free advice, and help you identify what Coaching+ training might be right for you.

Coaching+ calls are limited to one call per fundraiser, so please don’t book a second call with the same (or another) coach.

If you need to reschedule, please give us as much notice as possible. We can’t guarantee that your preferred time will be available.

You haven’t got a course about a topic I need help in – will you be developing it?

We are constantly developing new training and content for our members. Please contact us and let us know what you’re looking for. However, we always offer specialist training as part of our Coaching support. Let us know if you’d like to find out more.

Can you recommend an agency or designer and copywriter to me?

Depending on where you live, we may be able to give you leads of people who can help. Just ask.

What’s your refund policy for The Fundraisingology Lab

When you join, you are fully covered by our 30-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. We’re confident that you’ll find The Fundraisingology Lab useful, helpful and supportive. But just in case you’re not satisfied, let us know within your first 30 days of joining and we’ll refund you.

You can also cancel your membership at any time. Just email us or use the contact form below and we’ll process your request right away. When you cancel, you will continue to have access until the end of your billing cycle. For annual memberships, we don’t provide refunds beyond the 30-day money-back guarantee. You’ll continue to have access to your content until the end of your annual billing cycle.

Is GST, VAT or Sales Tax included in the price?

This is pretty complicated. Bottom line: We do not charge GST, VAT or sales taxes to companies or organizations who provide the relevant details, such as VAT, sales tax or ABN numbers. It is better for you, and for us, if you buy through an organization or company.

If you are an individual consumer, the price of membership may include sales, GST or VAT taxes depending on where you live. However, membership products are not considered digital downloads in most parts of the world where digital downloads taxes apply.

Please, it really helps us – and you in the long run – if you can purchase our courses in your businesses/non-profit name and provide the correct a VAT or ABN number at check out.

Any questions about this – please contact us.

Coaching+ Questions

Can you help me with general consulting?

Not directly. We train and coach, we don’t do traditional consulting. However, do contact us because often there is an underlying training need, but if not we are really well connected with some awesome consultants and vendors.

What countries are Coaching+ services available in?

All of them. As long as you have internet, and – if time zones aren’t friendly – happy to work outside normal working hours, we can help you.

What’s your refund policy for Coaching+?

Coaching+ is a tailored online training program. We usually discuss in advance with you and agree to your Coaching+ program.

If in the first session we identify that the coaching session is not right for you, we will almost certainly find another Coaching+ program that is better for your needs. However, if that doesn’t work we’ll just give you your money back, no hard feelings. Please discuss this with your coach.

If you have any other questions, please contact us using the form below: